Jump Start Your Weight Loss Plan in 11 Easy Steps

So many of us have often wondered how to jump-start weight loss routines in an effort to shed pounds and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. While you may be highly motivated at first, it’s very easy to get off track, especially when you fail to see any results early on, Fortunately, there are ways to jump-start your weight loss efforts and see quick results while you build healthy habits. And the best part is that you do not have to rely on dieting fads or weight loss pills to get the job done.

Can Jump Starting a Diet Plan Ensure Positive Results?

Learning how to jump-start weight loss is a good way to guarantee you will see positive results. According to Shape Magazine, it is possible to develop healthy diet and exercise habits in as little as two days. As long as you stick to your new healthy habits and take things day by day, it will make transitioning to this new lifestyle much easier. With careful planning, choosing to stay on task, and staying motivated, you are sure to see positive results in less time than you would if you tried other popular dieting trends.

The Benefits of Jump Starting Your Diet Plan

When an individual is interested in jump-starting their diet plan, it means they want to get on a fast track to a healthier lifestyle overall. They are committed to making plans and working with others to stay motivated and on the right path to success. Starting a new diet plan with this positive frame of mind can help ensure you will get the results you want fairly quickly. And when you can see the results of your hard work, it will give you the motivation you need to keep moving forward with this healthier way of life.

How to Jump-Start Your Diet Plan the Right Way

It is important when you are planning to jump-start your new diet plan that you do it the right way. It is not a good idea to simply cut out a large number of calories. Making drastic moves like this could cause your body’s nutritional balance to falter. You will also end up feeling very hungry and tired if you do not provide your body with the right number of calories. If you choose a diet plan that is too strict, you will be less likely to stick with it for very long. Therefore it is important to look for ways to gradually build healthy weight loss habits.

Is it Healthy Advice or a Common Myth? Debunking Popular Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to dieting there are plenty of trends out there that seem too good to be true. And unfortunately, many of them are just that. Unreliable and untrue myths that may sound like a good solution at the time, then you later find out there was nothing to it. Having an interest in how to jump-start weight loss can be a good thing, but that is only if you do it the right way. According to Max Grossman, a certified personal trainer, and the founder of Health Engineered, weight loss is less about how assertively you begin and more about how purposefully you construct your approach.

If you are prepared to jump-start your weight loss plan, here are a few common myths that you should avoid.

Myth 1: A Detox Cleanse Can Stimulate Weight Loss

The Detox Cleanse

Detox Cleanse

Detox cleanses that use teas, juices, or broths claim to be a great way to eliminate harmful toxins from the body. These products are advertised to help jump-start your weight loss efforts because they enhance the body’s ability to burn fat.

But according to Annamaria Louloudis, RD, The word “detox” is simply another buzzword in the weight loss industry. Our bodies naturally detoxify themselves therefore you should not waste your time or money on detox solutions for weight loss.

Instead of detoxing your body, you could try detoxing your fridge and pantry. Clear out all the junk food and processed food that is high in fat and salt. Replace these items with healthier choices such as fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

Myth 2: Eliminating All Carbs, Dairy, or Desserts For One Month Will Help You Drop Pounds Fast

Carbs, Dairy, or Desserts

It is very common to plan on giving up desserts or foods high in fat or carbohydrates whenever you are making a diet plan. Some plans will even suggest cutting out a type of food completely for two weeks or a month to help you shed some pounds. While that may work for some individuals, cutting out food that you love can leave you feeling deprived. This could increase feelings of hunger or cravings which could later result in binge eating.

A better option is to focus more on adding healthy foods to your diet and not so much on what foods you need to avoid. When you choose to prioritize healthy foods, you will find yourself less likely to reach for those indulgent foods. This will help you to gradually start eliminating those unhealthy food choices from your life.

Myth 3: The Best Way to Guarantee Fast Weight Loss is with High-Intensity Workouts

Intense Workouts

We are not saying that high-intensity workouts do not work. These powerful exercise routines are the ideal way to keep your body in shape and lose weight since you are burning more calories. But you should not think that going overboard with your workout session is the only way to see positive results.

The truth is that no individual workout will generate much fat loss all on its own. While everyone likes the idea of intense training, there are very few who can sustain it for long.
Instead of opting for these powerful workout sessions, you should choose a form of exercise that you can easily see yourself doing regularly for the rest of your life. Hiking, riding your bicycle, or simply walking around the neighborhood for 15 to 20 minutes each morning can help you build and maintain muscle strength while also improving your metabolism over time.

11 Easy Steps Toward Building Healthy Weight Loss Habits

When learning how to jump-start weight loss efforts the right way, you should start by following these useful tips that will provide you with results within a reasonable period.

Drink Water

Drinking Water

Water is essential for helping us keep our temperatures regulated, adding lubrication to joints, and protecting our spinal cord as well as other sensitive tissue. It also helps us get rid of harmful waste much easier. It is recommended that we drink sixty-four ounces of water each day. To help you achieve your water goals, you should always keep a bottle of water nearby. Find a good water bottle that can hold between 16 to 24 oz. and fill it up each morning, then sip on it throughout the day. If you are not a big fan of drinking water, you can try adding flavors to it such as lemon, lime, mint, or cucumber.

Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

Add Vegetables To Diet

We should all be eating at least four cups of vegetables every day. When you eat a variety of veggies, you guarantee your body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs. If you are looking for ways to enhance your vegetables, try grilling them to lock in their flavor and make them nice and crispy.

Eat More Fruits, Fewer Starches

Eat More Fruit

For best results, your fruit intake should be around one or two servings per day. Be sure to skip on starches such as bananas, raisins, and dried fruits such as figs. Fruits are great to have as a snack if you are craving something sweet and they can be added to protein shakes to give your drinks a delicious flavor.

Choose Healthy Portions

Healthy Food Portions

Many times it is not the foods that we eat but the portion size that contributes to our weight. It is important to always fuel our bodies with the right foods but at the same time, we need to be sure we are eating the correct amount. To understand the size of a serving and how many servings you should be eating, you can use a food scale. These are the most accurate tools for weighing food and measuring portions.

Add More Activity to Your Day

Be More Active

If you are not the type to work out constantly, there are still many ways you can stay active throughout the day. You do not have to sign up for a gym membership in order to be more active. Simply taking a few minutes out of your day to do a few sit-ups, pushups, or squats can help improve your daily activity level. Taking a quick walk around the yard or neighborhood can also be useful.

Stay Hydrated with Electrolytes

Hydrating with Electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals that are able to carry an electric charge. Our organs and cells need electrolytes to function. As you jump-start your weight loss, you are going to lose water weight and electrolytes first. Therefore it is important that you replenish them. There are several sports drinks available that contain electrolytes. There are also drink mixes you can add to water that contains high amounts of electrolytes as well.

Eat Five Small Meals Instead of Three Large Meals

Eating five smaller meals each day instead of three larger meals can help you lose weight. Eating five small meals can help prevent you from feeling overly hungry or deprived. It could also help to stabilize energy and blood sugar levels, which can aid in restricting your calorie intake.

Eat and Prepare Your Meals at Home

While eating out can be very convenient, it can also wreak havoc on your weight loss plans. Eating your meals at home ensures that you know exactly how everything was prepared and you can accurately measure your calorie or carbohydrate intake. You can prepare your lunch for work the night before and grab a quick protein shake or some fruit for breakfast in the morning. Then plan what you will have for dinner for the entire week.

Consider Meal Replacements

Meal replacement protein shakes, and nutrition bars are a convenient and healthy way to skip meals. These shakes and snacks and portion-controlled and can help you take all the guesswork out of calorie counting. They are often packed with nutrients, so you do not have to worry about not getting enough vitamins and minerals for the day. You can choose to replace one or two meals a day with one of these substitutes and then enjoy a healthy entrée for your other meals.

Plan Your Meals and Snacks

It can take some time to plan out all your meals and snacks, but in the end, it will be worth it. When you write out a fully detailed meal plan. It can help you stay committed to the cause as you write down healthy choices for your main course and side dishes. You will also have a guide in the future to look back on if you become stuck on what you should prepare for dinner. Additionally, these meal plans can also double as shopping lists.

Put Your Weight Loss Plans in Writing

Weight Loss Plans

When we write down all the reasons why we want to lose weight and live a healthier life, the idea tends to stay with us longer. And If you post your weight loss plan in an area where you will see it often, you will have a constant reminder of what you need to do each day to stay on track. You could even carry a copy of your plan with your in your purse or pocket so you have something to refer back to when you feel that you may be starting to slip.

There are many benefits to learning how to jump-start weight loss efforts, including the ability to see the results of your labor very quickly. By following these useful tips, you will be on your way to enjoying a healthier and happier lifestyle.